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The hard, direct light of summer is far from ideal for many types of photography, but one of the benefits that it offers is the appearance of strong shadows, which can make great subjects for your camera.

One of the interesting qualities of shadows is that their shape and scale can be distorted by the angle of the sun, and the surface they’re projected onto.

There’s no shortage of creative projects you can try, with a host of different subjects, that’ll result in some striking and singular images.

As photography can be a rather solitary pursuit it’s healthy to get out of your bubble to involve a few other people, so here are some projects that’ll get you thinking creatively about portraiture.

On the contrary, this project involves creating a professional self-portrait image.

This makes them rather difficult subjects to capture.

‘Never work with children or animals’ is a well-known adage in show-business circles.

Often, animals – and children, for that matter – are not very compliant when it comes to being caught on camera.

It’s incredibly easy to do and requires little more than a light source (the sun), and a willing model.

If you enjoy taking portraits, but have run out of willing subjects to photograph, why not try turning the camera around and using yourself as the model for a change?

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