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This insures the fastest upload speed possible for VOD content. Users can mix these live channels with previously recorded VODs. Then theme your channels, personalizing each with your own design and brand.Embed all of them on your website, offering a network of video content that Da Cast offers full analytics to measure success and analyze demographics for broadcasted in beta right now, but it’s open to everybody, and you can use standard broadcasting tools like Open Broadcasting Software or XSplit to livestream gameplay from your PC.Hitbox also has a revenue-sharing program, and it is accepting applications for people who want to join its team as a partner.He is also looking into livestreaming alternatives to host his speedrunning videos.Of course, that leads to the obvious question: Does Twitch really have any competition?

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Located directly within the CDN data center, servers handle file uploads. Based around a channel interface, each Da Cast channel represents a live stream.

As both a live and on-demand video streaming service, Da Cast is rich in features and fully enabled.

The platform is available in an easy-to-use, self-service environment.

Wright even listed as the alternative he was most likley considering, and he could end up having a better experience with it than he did on Twitch.

Livestreaming on Twitch almost always comes with a 20 second to 30 second delay.

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