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Four years later, Kim had started making few media appearances as a somehow constant companion and best friend to Paris Hilton,who is the famous Hilton hotel heritor and who found great global fame through Fox’s “1 Night in Paris,” which is a sex tape she filmed together with her ex- boyfriend known as Rick Salomon and ” The Simple Life.” In 2007, the celebrity sex tape involving Kim Kardashian and Ray J, through Vivid Entertainment ws released as Kim Kardashian Superstar to the general public .He says that it to used to be and is still his habit to peruse the news about Australia and that shortly before the news about this sex tape was leaked, while reading the Sydney Morning Herald, and the paper contained a story about Paris Hilton visiting Sydney.He says that his attention was caught by this picture of Paris Hilton together with this not so known friend of her called Kim Kardashian who was photographed on Bondi beach.Another thing that got Kim Kardashian more attention, on top of her being Paris Hilton’s constant companion and best friend, that is before the infamous sex tape release and E!’s popular “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reality TV show, is that Kim happened to be the first girl ever that Nick Lachey was seen with after the end to his short time marriage to singer Jessica Simpson, a marriage that got MTV’s Newlyweds chronicled.

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On different occasions, while still at Esperanza resort, the two filmed themselves while in bed.

This is the same porn company Kim Kardashian had earlier sued to stop it from releasing the sex tape to the general public, but had the suit was ultimately settled.

Though Kim got famous as a result of the infamous celebrity sex tape, saying Kim has tremendously transformed the American culture is not by any way exaggeration.

In a letter to Vivid head man Steven Hirsch, the site says they are willing to offer million for the tape ...

considerably less than the million Hirsch is asking for.

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