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List Up is currently focussing on their product and getting more users on their platform.

Sumit added that they have multiple plans in place to generate revenue in the future, once they reach critical mass of users.

The product is then moved from the ‘active’ tab to ‘Sold’ under the seller's profile.

List Up was founded by Sumit Gupta, Pulkit Gupta, and Saurabh Jain in 2015.

So List Up worked on providing a more user friendly and social experience for users.

After a few months in beta, the team finally launched the final version of their app to the public in early 2016.

Once the basic version of their app was ready, they realised the need for a technical co-founder to help them further streamline the product and make it more user friendly.

In June 2015, Sumit decided to quit his job at Sony in Japan and work on a startup idea with his friend Pulkit.They found that existing platforms seemed more like a plain directory of listings arranged in the order of timestamp.Most of them did not leverage mobile technology in connecting the right buyers and sellers with each other.While a large chunk of List Up’s users are currently scattered around Mumbai, Sumit added that they have seen activity from parts of Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru and other parts of India.Some of the popular products on List Up include fridges, watches, books, television, antiques, tickets(for cricket matches), etc.

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