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Pasquel acted in that production's 1991 sequel, Alcanzar una estrella II, where she acted alongside Capetillo, Sasha Sokol and a budding Puerto Rican star named Ricky Martin. In 1996, she participated in Para Toda la Vida (Forever), which was another telenovela.

She followed that with 1993's Las Secretas Intenciones (Secret Intentions). She returned once again in 1998's Huracan, where she played "Caridad".

Once again, she took a full year off the screens in 1978 and returned in 1979 with a movie named Johnny Chicano and a soap named J. She participated in 1980's Al Rojo Vivo (loosely translated to Very Red), in 1982's El Amor Nunca Muere (Love Never Dies), 1983's Cuando los Hijos se Van (When Children Leave), and 1987's Los Años Perdidos (The Lost Years).

She took off three more years after that, returning in 1990 to participate in one episode of the popular television show, Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real, which is hosted by her mother.

José Manuel Banquells (half-brother) Luis Enrique Guzman Jr (half-brother) Rafael Banquells Jr.

(half-brother) Alejandra Guzman (half-sister) Rocio Banquells (half-sister) Virdiana Alatriste (half-sister) (deceased) Mary Paz Banquells (half-sister) Ariadne Banquells (half-sister) Michelle Salas (granddaughter) Pasquel was born into a show business family: her father, Rafael Banquells, was a famous Cuban-born actor and director.

Her granddaughter, Michelle Salas, is Luis Miguel's daughter. His daughter, named Viridiana (in honor of her dead sister) died in an accident in a pool in 1987.

Her other siblings on father's side are Janette, Mary Paz, Ariadne and Rafael II.That movie was made in 1968, the year in which Pasquel became very famous in Mexico.She followed her first film with her telenovela debut, in Los Inconformes (The Nonconformists).Pasquel was inducted for her work in movies and television.At the age of nineteen, Pasquel did her first movie, El Despertar del Lobo (The Wolf's Awakening).

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