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With Windows Defender, that testing method proved significantly awkward.

Dropbox supplies the downloaded folder as a ZIP file.

Most other antivirus programs at least give you the option to detect and remove both of these.

Some antivirus products take a file's origin into account when evaluating whether it might be malicious.

The main window's home screen reports security status, and offers five additional feature pages, accessed by clicking large icons across the bottom or small icons in the left rail menu. In addition to the expected Quick, Full, and Custom scan options, Windows Defender offers what it calls Offline Scan.

Note that Windows Defender doesn't promise to detect lower-risk items such as adware and potentially unwanted programs, or PUPs.

Half the tested programs failed the general malware protection test, and three quarters failed the banking Trojans test.

Because of their pass/fail nature, I give less weight to results from this lab when calculating an aggregate score.

That also means it runs before any malware processes load, so the malware is defenseless.

If you feel that you still have a malware problem after a regular scan, give the offline scan a try.

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