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In fact, traditional dances tend to be performed by specific peoples and groups on certain days, in other words, for special celebrations.But these very dances, and often, their adaptations, tend to be done in certain other situations as well, outside the place where they originated and in a totally different environment, in other words, as a display or show.However, in our dances the wearing of costume regarded as traditional has not been compulsory.Yet today we have tended to link the concepts of traditional costume with traditional dance, because our perspective of dance tends to be mainly directed towards the stage.

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However, it is often difficult to draw the line, because it has tended to be the dance company of the place where the dance is performed that goes elsewhere to put on their dance as a display or show.We could say that when costumes and dancers achieve a kind of symbiosis, what we have before our eyes turns into genuine artistic expression.On the one hand, because the dancer adds movement to what he or she is wearing, and on the other, because the costume makes the dancer him- or herself feel special.Whereas this is great for indulging a creative urge, an alternative is to take into consideration the wide assortment of costumes depending upon the region and dance.Related links for online costume shops: Related links for costume ideas: dance, and in the dances that are traditional in our case, the costumes play a tremendously important role.

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