Filemaker calculation field not updating

In going through all of the FM books I have and the File Maker technet site and Knowledge base, I never found a real good explanation of what they mean by this sentence.

I did some experimentation with updating fields the calc depended on but was never able to get a reliable update to the field unless the check box was cleared.

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update perfectly when changes are made in the daily TO's but the Gross Pay Per Period does not update until you click in the field or leave that record and come back to it.

All, I have a simple payroll database and am having trouble with the summary fields not updating when I change data in the fields that are to be summarized. Hours/day number field Total Hourly Pay/day calculation (hours*hourlyrate) Total Hourly Pay/period Summary (summary of the Total Hourly Pay/day) correctly. -- Jonathan Fletcher [hidden email] Project Foreman New Media Construction Co. However, it did not fix a similar problem which is another summary(weekly) to add all the daily summarys.

Use summary fields for reporting and their aggregation counter part for describing features of a portal. --sd -- This list is a free service of Lasso Soft: List Maker/Browse/Manage your subscription: List Maker/ A calculation field with the Sum ( ) function in this case. The solution is actually one level deeper than first indicated and it is this last level that now will not update unless the user clicks in the field.

Not the way I would have chosen relational speaking, a tad too slow in my humble opinion, investigate this:

-DB=resources.fp5&-lay=cgi&-format=list.html&-FIND= &resource_id=DBPros000733Where you in the download locates a folder called "Unlocked Calendar" study the relational approach in the solution, and see where to put the aggregation functions you require!

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