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To contact Ken's sister, use the email below: Frequently I get a request from somebody for a large number of VERY LOW PRICED sticks for a club of boys or girls who want to finish sticks but cannot afford to buy C sticks.On this page, ALSO SEE the OTHER great ideas for projects: "animal tracks" and "put-put boats." OH; don't miss the next item: Tracks.Mobile broadband enables you to send, receive and download information using the web in the same way as home broadband, except through a mobile network.The huge advantage of using a mobile phone network for your internet access is, unlike the broadband you usually get at home, your internet connection moves with you.The nurses without exception (and Ken met quite a few of them) were more caring and helpful than we could have ever hoped for.Click here to read Ken's BLOG about the cancer and his journey: 'Scuse me, I have to interrupt here and shamelessly show off 3 VERY UNIQUE pieces I found in 2007. The BIG one on the left is like a huge ribbon; up to 5 inches wide.NEVER in all my years of Stick-ing have I ever seen one flat like that.

I've been told I should keep a Blog to amuse my many readers. I've been having some fun trying to make some primitive movie clips, mostly at the cabin, so they have been mentioned in past blogs.

The grey one is a pine tree killed by fire about 75 years ago.

It would look VERY nice, varnished (no sanding on that one! The other one is fantastically "carved" by Mom Nature; too big for a hiking stick but great for whatever project comes to mind.

MAKING sticks: My own discoveries about making sticks; as I learn from others, I pass their suggestions along here.

THANKS to all those who have helped make this page so useful.

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