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It can lead to a lot of miscommunication, mixed signals and at the end, heartbreak.

The reality is that things don’t have to be complicated.Scorpio is somebody who likes to give whatever he or she is doing one hundred percent. Don’t be surprised when something happens and it seems like you’re talking to a completely different person. Scorpio on the other hand, can learn quite a bit from the Gemini’s open mindedness and love for life. The key thing to remember in such a relationship is that the Gemini woman is very open minded.If you are a Gemini and you need a loyal friend, there is no better selection for Gemini than a Scorpio. In fact, Scorpio would even sacrifice him or herself for your friendship. The problem is when Gemini starts acting like a typical Gemini and shows different aspects of himself or herself, this might be viewed as a betrayal and this can really put a strain on Gemini Scorpio friendship compatibility. Scorpio can learn how to move on and let go of past offenses. Just because she says something, doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to do it or she is betraying you emotionally.However, if there is one thing that a Gemini and Scorpio needs to focus on, it is this: They need to completely communicate with each other.Communication is the key to fully knowing each other.

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