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Obviously the PRO-62 wasn’t designed just for earwigging mobile phone calls; the really important features are that this compact pocket-size receiver can store, and rapidly scan up to 200 stored channels, on frequencies between 35MHz and 960MHz or roughly from the bottom end of the VHF band to the lower third of the UHF band.

That represents around 68,000 possible channels, which are the bulk of the frequencies used by government and emergency services, armed forces, and aircraft, not to mention commercial organisations and those first generation mobile phones.

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It caught my eye, though I was disappointed to see that it was priced at £100, and well above my paygrade.Back in the 80s and 90s all you needed was a readily obtainable receiver, like this Realistic PRO-62 multi-channel scanner.Realistic was one of the house-brands of the US chain Radio Shack, better known in the UK as Tandy, and from the early 1970s until the late 90s this was one of the go-to places to buy advanced and exotic radio equipment, along lots of other interesting and useful electronic gadgets, but more about that later.Mostly these frequencies are used for short-range two-way communications, and where much of what you might hear is not intended for public consumption.The breadth of the PRO-62’s coverage was, and still is an impressive feat on something so small but whilst it still picks up lots of private transmissions, nowadays you won’t hear much in the way of plain speech.

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