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The intent behind the conference was to bring together scholars and researchers with different disciplinary orientations (i.e.

Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Psychology, etc.) and doing research in different regions in Asia (e.g., India, China, Thailand, Korea, etc.).

Moreover, Gopalan Ravindran warns us that the emergence of mobile phones in India led to morally construed misuses of the tools that in turn have led to a stronger “control society” through the collaboration of the State and new media companies.

For example, the relationship between ICTs and poverty, as well as the intricacies of the socially transformative effects of ICTs, are still poorly understood.Since the landscape we are observing changes quickly, it fuses academic, applied and action research.ICT research is now more crucial and requires greater sensitivity in order to provide policies and plans for practical action.contributes to the process of drawing a more representative and honest picture of these interventions and interactions.Rich Ling looks at the impact of mobiles on increasing social cohesion and ties, thus leading to “the development of a local ideology that also contributes to the strength of these ties”.

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