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Kemal was a guest at Derek's 41st Birthday party a few days later, and has appeared on The Curse of Big Brother on Channel 5 and on BBC1's Test the Nation in the Reality Show Contestants panel alongside Eugene Sully on 27 August 2007.

Eugene Mark Sully (born 30 November 1977) is from Crawley in West Sussex.

During his time in the house Craig immediately created 'Team Britney' along with Lesley and Vanessa.

When Lesley was evicted on Day 15 Craig began to align himself with Anthony, Maxwell and Saskia.

Craig then developed what was interpreted by the media as an unsettling obsession with Anthony, which resulted in several awkward moments.

Craig finished fifth, and was evicted on Day 76 in a surprise final week eviction having received just 3.9% of the vote to win.

This is a list of the housemates of sixth series, broadcast in 2005, of the UK version of Big Brother, where they were observed by television viewers 24 hours a day, and each week one or more housemates were voted to be evicted by the general public until the winner, Anthony Hutton, was left.

There were sixteen housemates in total; thirteen housemates entered on day one and they were joined by three more on Day 29.

On the final night, third placed Makosi told Davina Mc Call that she was telling the truth when she said she was pregnant, during Anthony's interview he looked shocked when Mc Call told him about Makosi's pregnancy claims and said that they never had sex, during this the crowd chanted 'Liar, Liar' at Makosi.

With Makosi's help, they had to steal clothes and food from the main Big Brother House when the other housemates were asleep, and to make sure that the other housemates did not find out about them.

At the end of their stay, Makosi had to choose two of the three secret housemates to enter the main house.

Anthony became famous in the house for his variety of catchphrases, including "alreet!

" (All right in his Geordie accent), "Mint" (meaning something is good), "Let's get it on", and shouting out "Taxi".

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