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Several were already murdered in their parishes immediately after the occupation as part of the annihilation process by the Intelligenzija campaign.

For them death was a release from their sufferings." North of Oravita. Genealogical Records - Church records available at LDS:- 127 RO - Traunau: B. 1788-1842 Ellis Island, New York, USA - Traunau Immigration Records List- over 230 individual records - by Robert Bermel Catholic Church name: Maria Geburt, Branch of Guttenbrunn 1786-Oct.

Ortssippenbuch Saderlach 1739-1851 by Peter Kleemann, 1986; 347 pages Chemmet ine! Die Siedlerfamilien und ihre Herkunft, Homburg 1980, ca 25 S. Rcz Ittebe in the LDS FHL Microfilm holdings of the 1828 Census of Hungary Ittebe (Szerb-) in the 1877 (Dvorzsk) gazetteer of Hungary (Hungarian) Felsőittebe in the 1913 Hungarian Gazetteer of Hungary (Hungarian) Szerb-Ittebe in the Landowners and leaseholders in Hungary, 1895 Location: 5 mi SW of Zichydorf and NW of Werschetz Neighboring Villages: Georgshausen and Altletz Three Villages in the Banat, Webmaster Barbara Hebenstreit, geb. Setschanfeld HOG: Josef Birg Egelhaafstr 26 A 70565 Stuttgart Germany New: Sheltered in the Shadow of Your Wings by Magdalena (Leni) Grtner (nee Martin) born in 1932 Setschanfeldedicated to the Banater Schwaben and Berglanddeutsche who were victims of the World Wars, Yugoslavian extermination camps, abduction to Russia and Baragan deportation.

Bilder aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart des Almannendorfes Saderlach im rumnischen Banat 1737 - 1937 (E: Pictures from past and present of the Romanian Banat Almannendorfes Saderlach 1737-1937) by Emil Maenner, Weinheim 1937 Knzig : Saderlach - Alemannendorf im Banat 1943 by Johannes Kunzig. Saderlach 1737 - 1987 Festschrift zur 250-Jahrfeier Lebensweg einer deutschen Gemeinde im rumnischen Banat by Johann Burger. (Donaudeutsches Kulturwerk Saarland) Saarland, one of the 16 German states, in SW Germany in the Saar River valley, bordering with France (dpartement of the Moselle) in the south & west, Luxembourg in the west & Rheinland-Pfalz in the north & the east. North side of monument & inscriptions, Places in the Banat/Yugoslavia including Setschanfeld: org/history/2000s/Memorials-Monuments.htm#Mannheim Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Zichydorf im Banat 1789-1945 by Helmut Kaiser on CD.

A fire in 1923 damaged the church and the monastery.

Between 19 many monasteries in Romania were closed by the authorities and the members of these orders were all sent to Radna; the Franciscans were only allowed to inhabit a tiny part of the monastery.

With the battle fronts getting closer in 1941, most of the clergy refused to leave, even though implored to flee.

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Administratively it consists of the following villages: Zădăreni - the commune centre situated at 8 km far from Arad and Bodrogu Nou. (Donaudeutsches Kulturwerk Saarland) Waldner, Karl F.; Weber, Matthias: Sankt Andreas. North of Grobetschkerek Roman Catholic Church may be final parish of Pardan. S=dorftreffen Setschanfeld was a filial parish of Nagy Gay (Gross Gay).Located on the right bank of the Mure River was first mentioned in 1440 and today is part of the town of Lipova (Lippa) on the other side of the river.The first Franciscan monks had been called into Lipova by King Karl Robert of Anjou already in 1325/27.Death entry also worked sporadically from 1835 to 1890.Filials of Ittebe, Johannisfeld, Ujwar etc and especially the elusive locality of Kiss Maria are included.

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