Ps3 nba2k8 not updating

Or once you get your PS3, you can download it for .You will definately need to connect the game online as Criterion has released quite a few free updates that have changed the game significantly (added bikes, day/night cycle etc) I think I saw my target or jb selling paradise for 49.The online part is excellent and it's not just racing.The freeburn challenges are really fun and it's stuff like "as a group, get 2000yds of drift or land 20 jumps". does anyone know if it is possible to get the ps3 to read Div X videos.Give me a drive summary after a score has been made, but don't update me 4 times during one drive. At no point should a TD scoring player be given a far-away camera shot.These playmakers should always be framed and/or given a closeup when appropriate.

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or does it need direct connection to the cable modem ?Didn't pick it up as i had it, hated it and sold it.. While i do like criterion and massive props to them for supporting the game with free DLC, the dlc is pretty dodgy (bikes only have 1 brake and are horrible to steer), i just don't really like it.I got the game back in march for delivered off ebay, sold it recently for :p. edit: scat is right. @Twig Figure I got David Jones to price match it.It is in the all-summarising-words, an RTS for casuals but with some serious design issues. or JB-Hi Fi has it for 8 with PS3 80gig, Dual Shock 3 Controller, HDMI Cable & Bonus Game 1 of these Sing Star, Little Big Planet, MS Pacific rift, Resistance 2 or Sing star vol2 1. Does the controller have a recharging feature included ?????or will i need to buy lots of batteries etc The HDMI will come in handy with my Samsung LCD can't wait to see 1080p blu ray movies Anything else I need ??

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