Sikh beliefs interracial dating

A spiritual marriage is where both spouses share a value for a higher power. The first question he had for me was, "Is she still a Sikh". One thing that stood out to me at your wedding is that it was like you weren't even getting married to each other, like a normal wedding. Some may say it's not different; that it's just a conventional wedding in a Sikh setting.

This could be inside of a religious construct but it is guided by universal principles. She refused to read from the Guru, or take any Hukamnamas with me. Our personalities differnces were difficult, but it was our different views and lifestyles that held us in conflict and constant pain. He doesn't know much about Sikhism, and actually doesn't seem to like the warrior aspect, bana, and other things that make us distinct. I tried to defend her, "No, but that shouldn't matter. He replied, "But I know how important Sikhism is to you. It was like you both were getting married to God, and married to Sikhism itself. Calling it a "Sikh wedding" doesn't do it justice either, because its not just a conventional wedding with some Sikh ceremony around it. It is a wedding with 2 brides, 1 groom and 1 master. Then living a life of following the Guru's advice continuously, they will live merged with and married to God. ============ 'Victory and Virtue' is an authoritative text on the ceremonies and code of conduct of Sikh Dharma.

The debate is specifically about what is and isn't allowed as a standard for the Anand Karaj ceremony specifically.

So it's not accurate to frame it as "interfaith marriages in a Gurdwara", because it is not the location that should be in debate, it is the ceremony. There are cultural marriages, religious marriages, spiritual marriages, and then there is the Anand Karaj.

Before we engage in the debate let's be clear about what the debate is.

There is the "liberal" camp which believes that people from different beliefs can and should be able to be married in the Gurdwara ie- Anand Karaj.

Who can propose to be able to make this kind of judgement besides the Guru itself?Why does the couple circle the Siri Guru Granth Sahib as they commit to each round? You are making a commitment with the Guru as witness.And as you circle the Siri Guru Granth Sahib you are reminded that the Guru is the center of your life, from which springs your life and the understanding of the journey of the soul crossing this world ocean. Can you marry a scripture, something that has no biological/medical life?A religious marriage is where both spouses share the same religion, and vow to be married based on the specific requirements of their religion.They will then raise their kids to be in that religion as well.

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