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His father worked for General Motors, and the family moved frequently during Leonard’s childhood, finally settling in Detroit. By 1975, 26-year-old Bruce Springsteen had two heavily promoted major-label albums behind him, but nothing approaching a popular hit.

Tapped by Columbia Records as the Next Big Thing back in 1973, he’d been marketed first as the “New Dylan” and then as America’s new “Street Poet,” but unless you were...

The Navy succeeded in its operation, sinking a majority of the ships.

The battle for Guadalcanal began in August, when the Marines landed in the first American offensive of...

We did make some rules for this year in review, because while chaos adds to the excitement of live television, we bloggers are anxiety prone. The show changed dramatically after losing Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis mid-year, and then adding six new faces upon its return.

In summoning the ecumenical council—a general meeting of the bishops of the church—the pope hoped to bring spiritual rebirth to Catholicism and cultivate greater unity with the other branches of Christianity. Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo mission, is launched with astronauts Walter M. Novelist Elmore Leonard was born on this day in New Orleans in 1925. Naval Reserve, then graduated from the University of Detroit with a...Despite the losses, all in all, 2013 was a strong year for SNL. Protective Brother (aired on: February 9th; host: Justin Bieber)So much of the Justin Bieber-hosted episode involved the show commenting on Bieber's youthful magnetism and also in harassing him without mercy.Without further ado, our choices for the best sketches this year. Taran Killam's Eward, protective older brother and relentless teaser, managed to give both to Bieber in the same lunatic sketch.On this day in 1975, William Jefferson Clinton marries Hillary Rodham in Little Rock, Arkansas.Bill and Hillary met in 1972 while both were studying law at Yale University; both also worked on George Mc Govern’s 1972 presidential campaign.

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