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The distance you will be able to hit with this driver will surely be superior to what you were previously accustomed to.Almost no spin and a high launch are guaranteed by the Low-Forwared GC.The only thing web designers really need to still watch out for is IE8, which is lingering due to the fact that it is the best version of IE that works on windows XP.(Well, if you have customers in China, you may still need to support IE6.) This document summarizes the results of some browser tests done while attempting to implement key stroke handling code in Java Script.

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Previous versions of this document included coverage of the i Cab 3 browser, but i Cab has switched to using the Web Kit rendering engine, and so presumably behaves exactly like Safari.

Since it is unlikely that many web developers will want to go out of their way to support i Cab 3, that material has been removed from this document and archived in a separate report on i Cab 3.

In all recent browsers, pressing a key triggers a series of Javascript events which can be captured and handled.

These events, however, were not defined by any standard until DOM3 which few browsers have yet implemented. The keydown event occurs when the key is pressed, followed immediately by the keypress event.

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