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There is something unusual about one of the colored illustrations here. " Though Cooke is not mentioned on the title-page or in any other text, he signs each of the illustrations. There are 95 pages in a book of smallish format (4" x 6"). A sampling shows the texts to be identical, but I cannot match them with any standard translation that I know.All but the last were easy to find described on the web. This booklet of 10 plus 72 pages came out at the same time as Thiele's Der Lateinische sop des Romulus. He shows them--I do not understand how--that he, not they, draws them closer together. Here we learn why hippos and elephants do not go into gardens where there are spiders. My Abracadabra copy has "Third Grade" pencilled in, and that is about the appropriate age for the stories.I am happy to bring this book into the collection because it could become hard to find for future researchers.1910 Fabeln des Lateinischen sop: Fr bungen Ausgewhlt. Here he shortens the introduction to a helpful five pages and selects twenty-four fables just as they are presented -- together with variants, parallel texts, notes, and commentary --in the larger book. The book is in good condition.1910 Fables from Afar. The fifty-eight fables are divided into four sections ("Tales from the East," "Tales from the West," and so on), but I am unable to sense the division or identify the sources.I appreciate that Georg Olms Verlag brought out a reproduction in 1985.That title translates into something like "Fable and Anecdote in Swedish 1700s Literature." I believe that La Fontaine provides the instigation; he is mentioned in the first lines of the introduction.

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The lion is not in on precipitating the quarrel of the four oxen (27).

"The Woodman and His Ax" (63) switches to a roadside, and the woodman does not know where he has lost his ax. "The Fox with His Tail Cut Off" (65) has the fox hiding his condition from the other foxes; thus it is enough for one of them to rejoinder "Before I reply, pray turn yourself around." There is an unusual illustration for "The Donkey and His Masters" (75), which shows him being lowered by a hoist into the third of his jobs, coal mining. By contrast this book takes the advertisement on the Graded Classics Series and puts it at the back.

He was already dissatisfied with working for a gardener and a tanner. This may be the earlier book of the two, since the advertisement mentions fewer available titles. The cover of this book uses the same design, including two wreathed torches around a lion, but puts "Graded Classics" first and does not give Mc Murry's name.

They are slightly smaller proportionally here than in that Weir edition, which I have listed under "1910?

Here, as there, Cooke's illustrations include LM, TH, DM, DS, BF, FG, "The Kid and the Wolf," and DLS.

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