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Elton turned up for Sunday lunch, in a white Rolls-Royce. The sight of Elton playing in the garden, and his father’s obvious pride in his career, confused the neighbours.

Elton’s four half-brothers lead very different lives.Elton claims that his RAF squadron leader father never supported his music and was critical of his career choice and flamboyant clothing, disapproval that contributed to his later battles with drink and drugs Elton once claimed that his father didn’t see him for two years and when he finally came home, to be asked by Sheila: ‘Do you want to go upstairs and see him?’ he replied: ‘No, I’ll wait till morning.’ The facts, however, do not support this.Edna still wishes they hadn’t accepted it because it caused rancour when, a few months after that visit, Elton gave an interview to Playboy which included an implication that his father cadged new cars from him. Stanley was advised to sue over the Playboy article, said Edna in 2001, but refused to.He also refused, repeatedly, to accept money for interviews giving his side, but Edna believes his health suffered irrevocably due to the stress.

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