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Smith led the first documented exploration from the Salt Lake frontier to the Colorado River.From there, Smith's party became the first white Americans to cross the Mojave Desert into California.

At the beginning of the 20th century, scholars and historians made efforts to recognize and study his achievements.

In 1918, a book by Harrison Clifford Dale was published covering Ashley-Smith western explorations.

In 1935, Smith's summary autobiography was finally listed in a biographical dictionary. to Jedediah, 1st and Sally Strong, both of whom were descended entirely from families that came to New England from England during the Puritan emigration between 16. Simons, a pioneer medical doctor who was on close terms with the Smith family.

Smith and the other men waited at the site of the wreck for a replacement boat, hunting and foraging for food.

Ashley brought up another boat with an additional 46 men, The next spring (1823), Major Henry ordered Smith to go back down the Missouri to the Grand River to take a message to Ashley to buy horses from the Arikaras, who, due to a recent skirmish with Missouri Fur Company men, were antagonistic to the Euro-American traders.

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